Shahryar Aboutorabi

MERN Stack Developer

MongoDB , ExpressJs , ReactJs , NodeJs

Email : shahryar.aboutorabi@gmail.com

Tel : +98 - 9227087783

My personal interest is Startups. I have experience in working on 4 startups where one of them gained Avatech investors approval in cycle 4. Even more, I have 5+ years experience in android programming and I am skilled at web programming based on MERN Stack ( MongoDb - ExpressJs - ReactJs - NodeJs ) as well. About a year ago I started to develope a product " Dahee " for intelligent pricing and product price recommender with MERN. It is notable that my experience and knowledge in this field pulled me towards planning connections between technical teams and businesses. I have been also following SEO and digital marketing and I have sufficient knowledge about their technology and Tools.